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Robert Cheon

Robert Cheon Chief Creative Officer

Robert’s love for design stems back to his childhood, when he never quite lost his love for legos. Fascinated with good design and great art, Robert set out on a mission. To rid the world of bad designs and unacceptable user experiences. Today, Robert directs our team of hand-picked designers from around the world to lead his creative obsession.

Scott Walker

Scott Walker Chief Growth Officer

Scott has a history of building and selling successful websites on Flippa and other website marketplaces. Scott’s expertise lies in understanding the framework and building the necessary infrastructure. He brings a brilliant level of knowledge to our organization and has committed to applying the same level of strategic planning, development and execution of new projects with customers.

Cody Mclain

Cody Mclain Chief Visionary Officer

Cody made his first website, and subsequent business in middle school. Since then he’s gone on to co-found a variety of startups and has been mentioned in Inc, Entrepreneur, Forbes and others for his achievements. After developing a diverse skill-set, Cody found his passion in design with his relentless nature to build more successful online brands. So he compromised, by helping others build theirs.

Right Behind

  • Gorgeous Web Designer

    Tina Stratton
  • Discreet Designer

    Denim Butler
  • Exuberant Marketing Director

    Stacy LoBrutto
  • Stupendous UX Designer

    Michelle Cutler
  • Flashy Web Designer

    Micheal Alberto
  • Illustrious Graphic Designer

    Andre Horton
  • Efficacious Talent Scout

    Darren Embler
  • Gorgeous Web Designer

    Carla Rosenthal
  • Hysterical Content Writer

    Robert Erich
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