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Branding For a Cheesecake Company

Cake Me isn’t junk food. Or diet food. It’s food that’s been optimized. For nutrition. And of course for taste. It’s food as a tool. So you never waste a single calorie. No matter what you want your body to look like.

The Process

We started by understanding CakeMe's purpose and values. From that we can establish a good target audience. We include a comprehensive list that includes age, gender, income, lifestyle, and interests.

From there we established CakeMe's identity, this involves creating a logo, & tagline that reflects Hamers' values & personality. Once we have our brand set in stone and approved by the client, we take that and convert it into an eye popping website.

The Result

A strong and recognizable identity that resonates with the target audience and sets CakeMe apart from it's competitors. Upon launch, CakeMe will have every piece of material needed to launch and promote their new company. This includes a full stack brand identity, social media messaging and voice, & full stack guideline. Look out for CakeMe, launching soon!