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Web Design

Branding For a Vodka Company

Humanity has no shortage of legends. And the vast majority of we, “mere mortals,” gaze upon these heroes with awe and reverence. But are we inspired by them? Or them, by us? Something to ponder as you examine your own legend. Hamer Vodka. To your larger than life.

The Process

We started by understanding Hamer's purpose and values. From that we can establish a good target audience. We include a comprehensive list that includes age, gender, income, lifestyle, and interests.

From there we established Hamers' identity, this involves creating a logo, & tagline that reflects Hamers' values & personality.

The Result

A strong and recognizable identity that resonates with the target audience and sets Hamer Vodka apart from it's competitors. Upon launch, Hamer will have every piece of material needed to launch and promote their new company. This includes a full stack brand identity, social media messaging and voice, & full stack guideline. Look out for Hamer Vodka, launching soon!