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SEO For a Support Company

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The Process

First we needed to understand SupportNinjas business goals and target audience. We analyzed their website, content, and competitors to identify opportunities for improvement. From there we conducted keyword research to identify the search terms and phrases that the target audience is using to find similar products or services. This helped us to optimize SupportNinjas website and content for relevant keywords.

We then moved to on-page optimization. This is where we build high-quality backlinks to the SupportNinja's website from other reputable sites. This helped to improve their authority and visibility in search engine results pages.

Finally, we conducted analytics and reporting. This is when we track and analyze the results of the SEO campaign. This includes monitoring website traffic, rankings, and conversions, and making necessary adjustments to the strategy based on the results.

The Result

Through our tactics, we were able to provide SupportNinja with improved website visibility and increased organic traffic, which lead to a positive ROI. Our tactics resulted in increased organic traffic, which lead to increased conversions.